Business Associate


Business Iniatiator

Sentinel Associate


  • Direct Sales

    As an Associate, You earn 15% upfront payment for every direct deal you close.

  • 1st Generation

    You earn 4% up line commission when your first generation associate downlines under you closes a deal.

  • 2nd Generation

    You earn 2% upline commission when your second generation downlines under you closes a deal.

  • Initiator Sales

    You earn 8% commission when an Initiator directly under you closes a deal.

  • Indirect Initiator Sales

    you earn 4% commission when an Initiator from your direct associate downline closes a deal.


A Business Associate is he/she who HAS TIME for the Business and is ready to Commit to Daily Attitude that the company is known for.

  • Attendance to weekly meetings of the company BMS-Meetings on Mondays and AFD-Meeting on Fridays (11am to 1pm), respectively.
  • Attendance to Corporate Events of the Company and be part of Periodic Event Execution.
  • Availability to take Clients to Site(s) for Inspection outside General Inspection organized by the Company.
  • He/She is qualified to recruit Fellow Business Associate into the Business.


Business Associates


Business Initiators



Bi Monthly Productivity

  • N2m Wristwatch

    Close a deal worth N2m withing a month and you win a wristwatch

  • N3m-Tablet/Phone

    Close a deal worth N3m within a month and win a tablet phone .

  • N5m Generator Set

    Close a deal worth N5m within a month and win a Generator Set

  • N7.5m- Plasma Tv

    Close a deal worth N7.5m within a month and win a Plasma Tv

  • N10.5m -Refrigerator

    Close a deal worth N10.5m within a month and win a Refrigerator.

  • N12.5m- Set of Upholstery

    Close a deal worth N12.5m within a month and win a set of Upholstery.